Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm starting the midwest!

I'm  so happy and exited I'm  learning about the Midwest because I don't really now much. I want to learn some about gatewayarch bodies of water and some history also I want to learn if famous people lived there  and why is farming so important to the Midwest.

Today I learned why farming is so important it's in important because there are rich soil and it's good to grow crops also they have to plant to eat  I think they plant so more peple come and they need money lots and lots one of the main crops they plant are soybeans, wheat and corn they  

The Mississippi River is important for people because it gives 50 million people fresh water and 50 cities also use the Mississippi for fresh water.  THe Mississippi River is used for transportation and people dump garbage in it.  I think they don't really care about the Mississippi, and some people do care and they make a wall so the garbage won't get to the freshwater.

Today I am going to the Gateway Arch.  I hope I learn lots of interesting facts.  The Gateway Arch is a historical monument. Gateway Arch helped the westword expansion. Gateway Arch is located on the Mississippi River in St. Louis.  

Today I'm going to Mount Rushmore. There are 4 presedents carved in Mount Rushmore Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abrahan Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt. Mount Rushmore is the symbal of american demorcracy. Mount Rushmore is located in the Black Hills South Dackota.